About Susan

Following are a few of the places where my work has been featured:

I believe...

...every woman's voice is unique and that her body language speaks louder than any words ever could.

...age is a state of mind...and that the same applies to sexy.

...a woman's curves can speak in whispers...or in deep sultry tones.

I am inspired by the poetry of Annie Liebovitz's work, the organic beauty of Joyce Tenneson's imagery, and the clarity of Henri Cartier-Bressons's vision. But my vision is also deeply shaped by Tamara Lempicka and Picasso paintings--art that celebrates imperfection as perfection; beauty as interpreted by the beholder.

I see every woman's beauty.

My gift is your trust in me.

Your gift is my capable hand in capturing your one-of-a-kind beauty, voice, soul.