Boudoir FAQs

Where & When Do Boudoir Shoots Take Place?
Most shoots take place in my boudoir Bay Shore studio where I can set up multiple shoot areas based on your inspiration. Alternatively, we can shoot in your home or another rental location of your choosing that will allow us to capture the images you wish to have. I generally shoot Tuesdays through Fridays. Weekend shoots are very limited and are booked on a first-come first-served basis--if you need a weekend, please be sure to book your shoot early.

How Does It All Work?
Once we decide to work together, we choose a date/time for your shoot. I provide a portrait contract once your session fee has been provided and reserve your preferred date/time. Your session fee allows us to get going on conceptualizing your boudoir shoot. 

What Happens After The Shoot?
After the shoot, I load and cull your images. Ideally, we have a review session within 3-5 days of your shoot. Immediate post-shoot reviews may also be arranged with advance notice. Once you choose the images you love, I then get to work on editing. You choose the level of retouching you desire.

How Long Does The Process Take? Note: Art takes time
Although the turnaround time can be as short as 6 weeks, the entire process post-review session generally takes 8-10 weeks or more, particularly during busy seasons (summer, wedding, Christmas). Turnaround time is also highly dependent upon which boudoir album you choose. All of my albums are handcrafted works of art and take several weeks after editing is done. RUSH service may be available on a case-by-case basis but must be arranged at the time of your booking. I recommend booking your session well in advance of an event like a wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc., to ensure everything is ready and beautifully packaged in time for your big day.

What About Clothing & Accessories?
For several reasons, I do not encourage clients to rely on my collection of vintage pieces and accessories. Clothing choice is as much a form of self-expression as anything else. But...I will often pull vintage pieces and accessories you may choose to include in your shoot once we've discussed the style and concepts for your boudoir shoot.

About Privacy & Sharing
All the images you see on my site and social media are of clients who have allowed me to incorporate their images into my portfolio as a means of showcasing my work. Because of the sensitivities involved in boudoir photography, ALL clients are given the opportunity to opt out on inclusion in my portfolios. Please don't allow concerns regarding this issue to hinder your exploration of boudoir photography. You can review my privacy policy here.

How Much Does Boudoir Photography Cost at Your Studio?
Just like a handbag you buy at Target is likely going to come with a price tag that's quite different from a handbag you'll find at Nordstrom's, you get what you pay for in the photography industry. Not every photographer is equal in terms of what they invest in their business, the experience they offer their clients, the time and attention given to the imagery they create, or the level of skill/artistry in their work. While I do aim to offer something for everyone within reason, professional boudoir photography is a labor intensive form of art. Furniture, camera & lighting equipment, studio space, insurance, etc. are all costly--which is why most non-professional photographers cannot afford to run their own studios. My clients invest upwards of 1,000 with many investing upwards of 2000.

Please take a moment to send me a note or pick up the phone and let's chat so I can hear more about what you're looking for. A simple pricing menu will never give you all the info you need to make a fully informed decision about which boudoir photographer is right for you.

If you're seeking an experienced, creative boudoir photography professional with a unique perspective, then please do contact me and let's chat!