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You can reach me directly via cell - 631.398.4487 - or via this form.

I'd love to learn a little about what you're looking for - feel free to provide as much or as little info below in preparation for our chat. Please note: Boudoir is highly personal, particularly the way I go about it, so it must be a natural fit for both you and me. In my 10 years as a boudoir photographer, I have found that those unwilling to connect by phone are usually not a fit for me and my studio so please do not ask me to send you everything by email (there’s just way too much info to share). Instead, let's just spend a few minutes on the phone where we can get to know a little bit about each other, more efficiently go over how everything works, I can address your specific questions, and, as appropriate, we can come up with a plan specifically for YOU.

Please note business hours are Tu-Fri 9am to 6pm or by appointment only. Any submissions received outside of business hours will be responded to as soon as I am able.

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Please note: Susan Eckert is a licensed professional photographer and studio owner offering a top-tier, highly customized service. She has pursued advanced studies in photography and is also a recognized leader in the field--having published a leading book on boudoir and having been invited to speak at the industry's largest annual conference. Not only is Susan a published author and educator, but her work has also appeared in galleries and fine art magazines. Her rates therefore, cannot be compared to emerging and beginning photographers.