Hello boudoir photographer colleagues...

Body & Soul - a book resource for boudoir photographers, therapists, and those who want to understand the power of boudoir photography done right
Body & Soul boudoir photography book by susan eckert

...welcome to my resource page for Boudoir Photographers!

Over the coming months I will be adding resources for photographers to this page.

For example, my posing tutorial series for clients has been well received and as a result I've been getting requests for a tutorial series for photographers. Once those are done I will be uploading these resources here for photographers wanting to avoid oh-so common posing errors that would otherwise make a phenomenal image look awkward or just meh. 

  • Coaching - Build or grow your boudoir photography business (coming soon)

  • Posing tutorials (coming soon)

  • Lighting tutorials (coming soon)

  • Downloadable resources (coming soon)

  • The Couch Sessions Podcast (coming soon)