YOU. Are. Beautiful.

Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography - I shoot boudoir photos and modern portraits for today's woman - always tasteful and elegant

Hi! I’m Susan and I have a gift. I see the beauty in EVERYONE.

And with my talent and skill in photography, I’m able to show YOU what I see.

My mission is to capture the beauty of women throughout their life-cycle. I’ve created beautiful soul-capturing boudoir photos (for individuals and couples), modern glamour portraits, maternity pictures, and business headshot/branding photos for women here on Long Island for over 11 years now.

I am genuine soul and super passionate about what I do!
(Read my Google Reviews and you’ll see what I mean—my clients so often mention it!)

Please also know that I specialize in the shy woman…

…the woman who looks in the mirror and doesn’t always see her beauty first

…the woman who firmly believes that you can be beautiful and sexy at any age (I’ve shot women as young as 82!)…

…the woman who believes curves are to be celebrated!

Capture it in timeless images you WILL forever cherish.

Stop waiting til you lose those extra 10 pounds…til you have someone to share it with…til…til…til…

Do this as a gift for YOU!

Call me to set up a complementary consultation and tour of my professional studio today.

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Love & Light,