Curvy Girls -- STOP Apologizing!

My phone rings: "I'm interested in a boudoir shoot...but...I'm a curvy girl," she says in an apologetic tone.

"Is that ok?" she wants to know.

My heart breaks. Why must she feel it necessary to apologize?

"I love shooting curvy women!" I tell her and shift our focus to the important stuff--like what she envisions for her shoot and how it all works at my studio. Truth is, without curves, how do you capture the beauty of a woman? But I'm sad. Because I hear this same concern week after week after week. And I know, if these are the brave ones picking up the phone, how many others out there must there be? Beautiful women who want to explore and celebrate their beauty...but fear they will be judged...or worse, turned away.

It's heartbreaking.

Every woman has a right to feel beautiful.

Every woman has a right to be celebrated.

Every woman has a story to tell.

Shame on those who would make her feel bad for it. 

Shame on those who would put their professional needs before her emotional ones.

See, me? I used to be a skinny girl. 7% body fat. Abnormal, I was told. I hated my muscles.

And now I'm a curvy girl. And I'm still hating on my body. 

That stops now.

Because I realize...if I wasn't happy then...and can't be happy now...when will I ever be?

I'm going to do what I help each woman I work with to do...celebrate who I am and the curves I rock.

We only get one body.

Love it.


Susan Eckert

Long Island Boudoir Photographer; Long island's Leading Budoir Photography Studio: Long Island Boudoir Photography

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