We had a really fun boudoir shoot today!

So much went right with our boudoir shoot:

  • First off - we started with a clear vision; her inspiration pics weren't all over the map and so I was able to clearly see what she wanted to accomplish during her boudoir shoot;
  • She brought outfits that FIT her body well and showcased her figure in a beautiful way;
  • She didn't just stick with black outfits which makes things that much more interesting;
  • She did not allow her nerves to overcome her excitement and enthusiasm for making beautiful images;
  • Even though some of my suggestions for what to do with arms and legs felt weird, she trusted me and went with it...and loved the results;
  • She gave me great feedback I could use in moving forward with the shoot whenever I showed her sneak peeks on the back of the camera;
  • She kept her energy high through four boudoir sets which allowed us to capture lots of beautiful images.


And while I can't share any pics fom today's shoot, I did pull an old favorite to share...

It's a beautiful day! Enjoy and live life to the fullest today!


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