Long Island Boudoir Photography Has a New Spokesmodel!

For professional photographers, boudoir can be a tough niche.

I don't always get to show off some of the artistic, creative, oh-so-beautiful shots we create in the studio. Client privacy always comes first, so if she says "N.O." to sharing, then the images are never going to see the light of day, at least not from my end. 

But too much time with too few public image shares makes people wonder if you're actually working at all. And worse, prospective clients never get to see the full range of your abilities and creativity.

Over the past couple of years I had an amazing beauty who served as a wonderful spokesmodel for me. But alas, everything has it's life cycle. And although I'd put out a call for a spokesmodel a few months back, things were so busy over the summer that I couldn't actually get down to testing out a few (their schedules were also insane) and to ultimately settling on one.

But things always work out as they should... 

I wanted a new spokesmodel to better reflect the clients I would like to see more of in my studio. Namely, women in their 50s and beyond. As it happened, an ex-client turned out to be a perfect fit. 

Introducing the new Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel

I am so inspired by her beauty because its source is not merely physical. She is an inspiring woman on so many levels--she's a spirited entrepreneur, a fierce personal trainer, a dedicated marathon runner, and 52 beautiful years young. "I try to be an example of not letting your age limit you or your goals," she says. Without a doubt, this beauty practices what she preaches and the results show it!


I sat down with June for a chat. Here's how it went...

What drew you to boudoir? To Long Island Boudoir Photography, in particular?  

I was drawn to boudoir when I saw a friend’s photos from her shoot with you. The photographs were stunning, and I thought what better way to capture this time in my life, celebrate my femininity and sensuality, than to book a shoot with this amazing photographer. Women do these shoots for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a gift to the special person in their lives. My reason was just to do it for myself, a gift to me.

boudoir for the elegant 50-year old woman

What were you hoping to gain from the experience? And what were your concerns if any?  

What I was hoping to gain from this experience was a sense of empowerment. That I was good enough, beautiful enough, strong enough. My only concern was whether I would be comfortable with the photographer, and those concerns disappeared the moment I met you.

What was it like being shot in the studio?  

Being shot at the studio was such a fun experience. You are extremely creative and truly made me feel beautiful and at ease. It amazed me how good you were at demonstrating gracefully what type of pose you’d like for a particular shot. I would then try to emulate your moves (not so gracefully I might add), but on film they look spectacular. You know exactly how to get the best out of people.

intimate images that capture YOUR unique beauty

What stands out most for you?  

What stands out most for me is that here is a female photographer helping other women feel more comfortable in their own skin. It’s really a beautiful thing to be involved in. To see the reaction women have to their own images, the sense of confidence it gives them.

How do you feel about the images from your shoot?  

The images from my shoot are just so beautiful. I feel that you were able to see and bring out the absolute best in me.

we bring your vision to life at the long island boudoir photography studio

Why do you want to be the spokesmodel for Long Island Boudoir Photography?  

I want to be the spokesmodel for Long Island Boudoir Photography to encourage other women to have the same empowering experience that I had. I want to encourage women to love themselves, their bodies. It goes hand in hand with what I do in my career as a Personal Trainer. There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing someone become all they can be and feel truly proud of themselves. Being in touch with your sensual and creative side is part of that as a woman. Embracing all aspects of yourself, being a feminine woman and a powerful woman all at once.

What would you most like others to know about our studio?  

I would like others to know that Long Island Boudoir Photography is so much more than your average boudoir photography studio. Susan is an artist. A woman helping other women to be their best. She provides an environment where women can feel free to just be themselves, and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Tell us more about what you do for a living.  

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and have been for the past 21 years.

Given how inspiring YOU are to others, how might women reach you so you can help them achieve their goals?

Anyone who is interested in me helping them to achieve their fitness goals can reach me at 516-297-1875, or via email at june.norberto@gmail.com.

As June and I collaborate in the coming months, I look forward to pushing the boundaries of my creativity and to sharing more of my photography with you.

Best wishes for a wonderful upcoming holiday season!


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