Shoot for the moon...Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars...

I love this quote by Norman Vincent Peale so much that it's printed on canvas in my studio for everyone to see and be inspired by.

I love this quote by Norman Vincent Peale so much that it's printed on canvas in my studio for everyone to see and be inspired by.

Some good news for Long Island Boudoir Photography

Although I hesitated in sharing this bit of good news (I am not one to brag EVER) I realized, after getting so many positive comments on FB once I did share it...that by sharing this good news I can inspire others. The comments friends, acquaintances, and colleagues made, the thoughts and responses they shared, led me to feel more comfortable in sharing the good news here with you.

Following is what I posted on FB:

For everyone who feels like they have an impossible dream. To those who counter the naysayers daily. To the dreamers who try to fly but are yanked down to earth repeatedly by those who lack vision...goals are meant to be achieved!!!!

When I started this photography journey I had one major bucket list goal: to be featured in the industry’s Professional Photographer Magazine. This month, that goal was met! (See the page 72 ref up top on the right? “A lovely feeling”?—thats the one!)

Long Island Boudoir Photography Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine!

A multiple page spread captures the interview I had with the talented freelance writer assigned to the task. We had a great chat and it’s beautifully summed up here.

What's more, in January I will be silencing my nerves and speaking to photographers in the industry about my passion and my philosophy about shooting women at PPA’s Imaging USA. In Nashville!!!! Which I have always wanted to visit—Another bucket list item checked off!

Next goal: to kill it in print competitions! 

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know your why--this is the path to inspiration and success says Long Island Boudoir Photographer susan eckert

Everyone who meets me comments on how passionate I am about what I do. That's because I'm driven by a beautiful WHY. My mission is very specific and when I meet clients who are looking for and value what it is I truly have to offer--self-reflection, self-esteem, self-confidence, transformation--their joy becomes my reward!

Although it's only November still, I look forward to new challenges and opportunities to connect with new faces and beautiful souls in 2018!


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