{REPOST} There is only one Long Island Boudoir Photography®!

I felt compelled to repost this blog piece because yet again there is another photography studio trying to confuse the public by assuming my business name EVEN THOUGH it's federally registered. My friends tell me imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I'm not flattered. I've worked so hard for too many years for someone to just step all over that. While my attorney is on it, I  wanted to alert women looking for Long Island Boudoir Photography®. While my reviews are stellar and I always work with integrity, the same cannot always be said for other studios. If a link does not lead you to this site, then you are NOT dealing with Long Island Boudoir Photography®.

I shot my very first boudoir image back in 2007, in a friend's dark basement, with a single tiny strobe light I had no idea how to use. Since then, it's been a wild and wonderful ride! I've published a book, presented at a major national conference, had my work exhibited in galleries and international art books, and I've delivered workshops designed to teach blossoming photographers how to work in an emotionally intelligent way. When you are first to market, as I was in this wonderful niche called boudoir photography, you have several advantages. I have had TIME to build my reputation. TIME to build my search engine standing, Google ranking, links, and connections. TIME to build strong testimonials and feedback from actual clients who've gone through the process with me--start to finish. 

I have also had the great fortune of building my EXPERIENCE in this niche. I left corporate America to follow my passion--empowering women, helping them see their beauty, helping them overcome their fears, insecurities and negative self-talk. I leveraged my psychology background to build an experience for my clients that is unparalleled and directly related to my expertise with the emotional world of women. And I've invested nonstop in building my skills in this field. My published book on the psychology of boudoir could only have happened because of the EXPERIENCE I have.

When I started it was me and one (1) other female-owned boudoir-only photography studio. That was it. Women either loved her style. Or they loved mine. Now, given the popularity of the niche, there are countless photographers offering boudoir services. Some are true professionals -- having studied, acquiring licenses, insurance, and all the business permits and legal requirements necessary to run a real business. Sadly, others are not. Few manage and run physical studios--ensuring reliability, privacy and comfort to their clients. In fact, a recent client called me in a desperate plea for help because one such photographer canceled her session only days before they were supposed to shoot.

But there is always the right person for the right job...so long as the client knows what they're looking for and therefore, what they're really getting.

As the field has become way more crowded, I've become aware that others, hoping to ride my SEO coattails have begun using my business name. They confuse prospects, and pretend to be associated with my business when clearly they are not. These people hope to benefit from my flawless client feedback, Google high rankings, and the great efforts I've made over many years to make my business visible. Sometimes this infringement comes in the form of hidden tags on photos or page titles. Other times, as in the most recent infringement, the infringement is blatant.

But there is only one Long Island Boudoir Photography® And it is my studio--my name is Susan Eckert. I am located at 120 Remington Blvd in Ronkonkoma and I pride myself on delivering transformative experiences to clients who seek something way more meaningful than the pretty pictures you just might get from a budget beauty, boudoir or glamour shoot.

I am Long Island Boudoir Photography®

I vet my clients just as my clients vet the photographers they choose to work with. And my client testimonials speak for me.

I am proud of my accomplishments, but I am even more proud of my clients who transcend their fears so they can create beautiful work in partnership with me.

I will not allow others to ride my coattails or diminish the hard-won outcomes resulting from YEARS of work. I will fight those who trample my business name.

There is only one Long Island Boudoir Photography® And if you are on this website, then you have found it...you have found me--a passionate photographer who approaches her work from a place of love, empathy and understanding. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. And for this reason I trademarked my mission statement...

"Illuminating the Power of the Feminine"®

May every day bring you joy. May your accomplishments and hard work be recognized. And may your mirror truly reflect your beauty--inside and out--for always. 

I am grateful to each and every client who's enabled me to continue all these years on this wonderful journey. One client told me just this week that I'd found my calling. I agree. I've never felt more fulfilled than when I became a boudoir photographer. I look forward to even more beautiful relationships and experiences in the coming years!