I have to be honest...[Journal Post from Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography]

I have no problem making fun of myself, being self-deprecating, or seeing my flaws. NOOOOOOO problem with any of those whatsoever.

SO, when I receive an album that in particular is JUST amazing, I feel pride. Proud of the results of all the HARD work, proud of the years of skills-building, proud of the relationships I establish every day, and proud to be associated with the amazing labs I work with -- they are truly amazing!

But I also feel proud of my clients -- for pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone, for trusting me enough to be themselves in front of the camera, for exposing their bodies for me and my camera (a daunting thing for most women, have no mistake!) 

I see beauty. In everyone. Have done so since I was a little girl. I was the weird kid walking up to strangers telling them how great their jawline is, or how amazing their neckline. I noticed these things. And I'm so glad to be able to translate that into beautiful, flattering photographs of my beautiful clients.

I work really hard. I pour my soul into my work. And I am proud when I see the finished work. It makes all the hard days worthwhile, gives me perspective, and reconnects me with my mission of Illuminating the Power of the Feminine®

That is all.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

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