Introducing Boudoir Lite Days...

Happy, happy hump day!

We asked - you answered!

Recently, we conducted a survey on our FB page. The results indicated that many women wanted the option of experiencing boudoir for the first time via boudoir mini sessions. Although a bit surprising, we decided to give mini shoots another go. In the past they were long, exhausting, and sometimes unfulfilling days filled with no shows, late arrivals which threw us off schedule, etc. SOOOOOO we've reformatted our old mini shoot day structure in order to streamline the process, increase its chance of success, and make it less, well, overwhelming!

We are excited to test out the new model. So for March, we'll be testing it out on two separate dates--one is on a Saturday (the 24th) for those who can't get off of work, and the other is on a Thursday (the 29th). There are only 4 slots each day! You can choose to shoot beauty, boudoir, maternity, glamour, or Portrait Atelier.

So, without further ado...our first Boudoir Lite day is March 24th. Only $199 (shoot fee) holds your spot on that day - but if you want in, hurry, because there are only 4 spots each day! The second Boudoir Lite date will be March 29th. You can sign up for either date.

Note: Depending on the results, we may or may not be offering these again so don't wait! :D

Long Island Boudoir Photography Studio, Photography by Susan Eckert
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