Boudoir Posing Tutorials have been posted! Complementary for VIP Boudoir Clients!

Happy Spring!! Is this the spring/summer you do YOUR boudoir shoot?

So, I finally got over my aversion to being on video and have created a 10-video series of boudoir pose tutorials to help my clients prepare for and know what to expect during their shoot!

Essentially, I sat down and thought about the most common posing mistakes I correct for. As I listed them they fell rather neatly into a list of 10! How awesome is that? 

Each posing mistake has it's own smirk-worthy title (e.g. "Peking Duck; Turtleneck") and it's own video clip. You can figure out which ones you're most likely to do and focus on those. Unless you're me, you probably will only find one or two of them that you have a natural tendency to do. (See, me? When I'm in front of the camera I do ALLLLL of them!! :P )

Watch as I guide the model out of the "mistake" and into more flattering angles and movements.  I have also posted before and after pictures to show you the difference in how the camera views the body in both scenarios. You'll see, posing goes a LOOOOOOONG way towards removing those 10 or 15 pounds you just might feel you have to lose before you do a shoot!

This 10-video boudoir posing tutorial series is a complementary perk for my clients. After years of hearing concerns about posing, and telling clients not to worry about it (It's my job to pose you) I figured I'd take one more step towards relieving those fears and concerns.

And so far the feedback has been great!!

  • "This is really very helpful to see and you're fabulous on video!!!"
    (Really?! I feel so awkward on video!!)
  • "I will watch these 1000x...they are so great!!!"
  • "This is awesome!"

Once a shoot is booked, I will forward a link to access these boudoir posing videos and you can watch them as often as you like. :D

Have a wonderful spring! Summer's on its way!

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