Boudoir (Mini) Lite Sessions REVISED!

Juicy boudoir news here!

After struggling for years to TRY to love the concept of fixed mini shoot days (which really sound great in theory but don't always work so well in reality) I made the decision to try it as a stand-alone offering. And it's working wonderfully! So it's here to stay.

What Boudoir Mini Lite Sessions mean for you...

If you fall into either of these categories:

  1. You're dying to try boudoir shot by an established professional, but funds are limited;

  2. You're wanting to try out a short shoot and walk away with only a few images

    ...then this is the option you've been waiting for!
Get your edited boudoir Images on a flash drive from Long Island Boudoir Photography


Isn't this the most awesome flash drive? So perfect for boudoir!

How Boudoir Mini Sessions work...

You can opt to have makeup done prior to your shoot or not; we shoot for 1/2 hour; we sit down and go through your images; I show you the Boudoir-Lite specific bundle options I've created for these boudoir mini sessions; you leave knowing exactly which images you're getting and in which format.

As with everything I do, quality is the bottom line.

A few important points about the Boudoir Lite sessions:

  • This option is only for individual shoots; if you want to shoot with hubby or a partner, then look at our Personal Shoot or Luxury Experience options instead.
  • Boudoir Lite sessions only take place during weekdays.
  • You can choose to do either boudoir, beauty, headshots, or maternity during this 1/2 hour.
  • Review/order sessions must take place immediately after your shoot.

If you'd like to chat about a session, call me at 631.398.4487 or contact me here.

Happy Spring (it IS spring isn't it?) :P