Maternity / Pregnancy / Belly Shoots at Long Island Boudoir Photography - with COMPLEMENTARY mother/baby shoot until 8/31/18

So, lately I've had a fair number of belly shoots going in the studio. And you know what? I LOVE shooting maternity! It's so positive, joyful, and fun! 

I'm always inspired by the beauty of mammas-to-be (whether or not they themselves feel all that fabulous)! Lord knows when I was carrying twins I didn't feel all that hot myself (haha!). 

But carrying life is SUCH an amazing miracle! And being pregnant is SUCH a gift! I learned this after my firstborn. I struggled for years to have another, realized I was suffering with secondary infertility (which is WAY more common than we realize because it's yet one of more female issue we don't really talk about as a society). 

So, pregnancy should be celebrated, cherished, and documented!! Whether you choose to do a conservative style shoot or something a bit more body baring, we've got you covered! Not to mention, it makes for fabulous wall art!

Maternity Pregnancy Belly Photography by Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography

My clients and friends know I am always inspired by fine art, classic paintings and such. I have a vision for capturing the beauty of mother and baby in a classic, painterly way...soooooo to realize this vision I am going to begin offering a mother/baby shoot complementary with each maternity shoot I do through August 31, 2018.

There are specific requirements for these shoots, so if you are interested, please be sure to discuss it with me when booking your maternity shoot.

Happy spring (if it ever actually decides to show up!).

All my best,
Susan Eckert