New Video: How I edit my boudoir images for a polished professional look

For several years I've fielded questions about what I can/cannot edit...whether I even edit in the first place...whether I deliver every single image file from the boudoir session "shoot & burn" style on a disc unedited...etc. etc.

Although I'm happy to enlighten each individual one-by-one, it occurred to me that I should probably create a video everyone could watch--one that would demonstrate all that is involved in taking an image from start to finish (which explains why art takes time) and while at the same time explaining the difference between "shoot & burn photographers" and professional studio owners. I wanted to create something that would communicate how I as a professional studio owner feel about and approach my work. I think I've accomplished all of this in this video.

Finding someone who was comfortable enough to allow me to edit one of their images for this purpose took some time, but when I asked a current spokesmodel if I could use one of the images from a recent shoot for the demo, she graciously agreed. YAY! I even let her review the entire video before sharing it with you to be sure she was completely comfortable with the contents. (She LOVED it!)

Anyone who follows me knows I'm not huge on getting in front of camera myself (hence the empathy I feel and am able to show to my clients). But by talking through my process--the philosophy and thinking behind it--I was able to shed some light on HOW I do WHAT I do and WHY. I hope it will be informative for you.

Disclaimer: Please forgive the background sounds I didn't realize were being picked up - like my puppy's jangling collar, dogs rolling around together in doggie play, and my son's allergy attack - HA! I was working from my kitchen at home with headphones. Pinky promise, my next video will be shot from the quiet confines of my photography studio! :P 

If you have any questions after watching the video below, please feel free to email me.

Have a wonderful week!


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