NEW Add-On Service for Your Boudoir Shoot: VIDEO!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to share this latest news with you!

Over the years women have sometimes asked me if it's possible to have video shot during a photoshoot (most often with the caveat that it be a female videographer if I myself wasn't able to do it). Sadly, I didn't know a female videographer whose work I felt aligned with my style. But after several years of trying to find time to develop my own video making skills (which wasn't happening), I finally met and began partnering with an amazing videographer who's SOOOOO talented at what she does--video. Our visions as photographer and videographer align so perfectly that it feels like we've been working together forever!

Her name is Alex. She's from Madison Grey Media. And I'm really happy to announce our exclusive partnership which makes video now an optional add on for your boudoir shoot at Long Island Boudoir Photography®!

Following are answers to a few questions I'm sure you might have:

  1. "I'd love to add video to my boudoir shoot but won't my (insert perceived flaw) be visible in the video?"
    I myself wondered how that would work, but having worked with Alex (the videographer) several times now, I see just how amazing she is at capturing the good and avoiding the stuff most of us ladies would prefer not to highlight. Of course, making smart outfit choices will also help here, but between lighting, angles, posing and her magical video making skills, promise me - we've got you covered!

  2. "How long will she be there for the shoot?"
    You will have two choices: the option of having her there for just one set - so she can shoot material for a teaser video; or, the option to have her there for the entire shoot so she can create a longer video edit for you that integrates the different outfits and looks across however many sets you choose to do. When booking your boudoir shoot, be sure to inquire with me about these add-on options.

  3. "Will this option be available for each of the shoot types you offer?"
    This option will be available for the Personal Shoot (2 or 3 outfits) or Luxury Experience boudoir shoots.

  4. "How will this all work?"
    All planning, etc will still go through me. Just like I secure the makeup/hair artists for your shoot. So, I will coordinate with Alex to make sure we are all on the same page as far as your video. Likewise, delivery of your images/albums/flash drive/video will all be made at the same time through my studio so you will only have one person to coordinate with - me. :D

  5. "I am working with another boudoir photographer - can I hire Alex to do my video there?"
    I'm sorry that's the case, but no, our arrangement is exclusive, meaning Alex will only be shooting boudoir videos at my studio at this time. She is, however, available to shoot your wedding, event or other promotional videos. Check out her website and take a look at her work!

  6. "Can I view a sample boudoir video done at your studio during a shoot?"
    I'm glad you asked! And without further ado....please enjoy the video below.

    Happy Saturday!

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