Happy 2019 from Long Island Boudoir Photography®!!

Happy New Year from Long Island Boudoir Photography®!

Happy New Year from Long Island Boudoir Photography®!

How was your holidays?! I hope they were wonderful and that you’re excited about the new year and what it will bring. I posted on my SusanEckertPhotographyBlog about some of the new things I’ll be introducing in the studio this year for both Long Island Boudoir Photography® and Body & Soul Photography and Studio® (the portrait/headshot division of my studio). Take a look at the blog post announcement if you’re interested.

SOOOOOO…Valentine’s Day is Coming…

Fact: I don’t REALLY get a break around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and throughout the beginning of the new year…’cause VALENTINE’S DAY!!! <3 <3 <3 For me, it’s still very much rush, rush, rush from one holiday season right into the next!

But here’s the problem: very few other people are actually thinking about the Valentine’s Day holiday in November or December. I always feel terrible turning away last minute requests for Valentine’s Day (because really, who’s thinking about Valentine’s Day before the holidays other than the Super Planners among us??). In fact, last year, true story, I got requests for Valentine’s Day shoots right up to the very day before!!

So here’s the 411 my lovely peeps! We are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day and I’m working on the last of my boudoir image edits/boudoir album orders for Valentine’s day as we speak since my labs’ deadlines are coming up fast and furious within the next week or so. Sooooo in short, if you were hoping to do a last minute Valentine’s day shoot, an album option is sadly out at this point…at least if you were wanting it FOR Valentine’s day. I COULD, however, with a small amount of arm twisting, possibly squeeze in a short shoot with a small number of matted prints in time but we’d have to shoot ASAP. So if you’ve been thinking about possibly, just maybe doing a boudoir shoot, I’d suggest getting out that fab phone of yours and giving me a call like now! :D

A 2019 Valentine’s Day Special Offer

Happy Valentine's Day from Long Island Boudoir Photography®!

This year, I thought I’d offer something special for those in love. A fun incentive…another way to celebrate your special relationship and cherish the memories forever…

This year, I’m offering a couple’s special!

If you’d love to capture images of you and your beau, I’m going to make it super easy. Book a regular individual shoot, send me wording for a customized note to your love, I’ll design and mail you a custom designed gift card, and you can present it as a gift on Valentine’s day! You’ll have some time to plan the shoot—you’ll be able to book your couple’s shoot anytime before August 31, 2019. Isn’t that exciting?! After our consultation, I’ll be ready to create beautiful artistic images for you and your S.O. in whatever style captures your relationship best (whether it’s couples boudoir, lifestyle, portraiture, etc).

Valentine’s Day Special Details

This special is two-pronged:

  • Sweetie comes for free!
    Rather than pay extra for your honey to participate in the shoot as well (remember I charge more for couples because I have to work harder to pose two people and I also have to edit two people for each and every image you choose), you’ll sign up for a regular one-person shoot and he/she can come at no extra charge! By the way, same sex couples are very much welcome in my studio.

  • Receive a complementary gift!
    My Valentine’s Day gift to you? A 12x18 wall art piece complementary with your album purchase—you’ll be able to choose from metal, a framed print, or canvas art.

Space is limited, so be sure to call soon. Remember, I’ll need time to craft your keepsake gift card with personal note and mail it out to you in time for Valentine’s Day!

You can submit a message to me here, email me, or call me directly at 631.398.4487.

I look forward to chatting!

Again, best wishes for 2019!


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