SPECIAL BOUDOIR SHOOT EVENT: Couture Angel Wings - Limited Availability - May 30

Happy Thursday!

So, on Tuesday I posted on Instagram an invitation to join me for a special boudoir shoot event: Couture Angel Wings. There were two dates: 5/30 and 6/9. 6/9 sold out the same day but I still have 3 time slots for 5/30 available.


If you love this ethereal, heavenly concept as much as I do and would like to shoot it boudoir, glamour (with dresses), more mom/new baby portrait style, now’s your chance (assuming you can make yourself available on 5/30).

Here’s the thing: I will only have these wings for a limited time and then they go back to their owner, so now is your chance to have a professional shoot done with them - and let me tell you, they are GORGEOUS!! Floor length, made with white ostrich feathers - the wings are couture, and hand made by a US artist.

I created a Pinterest board for inspiration if you’d like to take a look at possible shoot ideas.

Hope you can join us! Book directly by following the link at the bottom of the event page here: couture-angel

Have an amazing day!


Lots of love,