NEW! Long Island Boudoir Photography® Mini Special Event Shoot: The July Magazine Cover Beauty Shoot

I fell in LOVE with this Maxim cover!

After running a poll to check in on how others felt about it, 100% said YES - do a mini to create a magazine style cover beauty look like that! So, I have chosen two dates in July! And yes - makeup is included!

Have a crazy cool outfit in the back of your closet? Pull it out! Wanna borrow one of my beautiful gowns or out of the box outfits in the studio? Let me know! I’ve got feather shoulder puffs (YUP - and they’re super cool!), I’ve got fishnet dresses, I’ve got out of the box stuff you’d never even think to incorporate into a shoot!

On these shoot days, I will be creating 2-3 different commercial style setups in my studio for this shoot! Check out my Pinterest board to get a sense of what possible - think about what resonates most for you and grab your spot!

Wanna shoot with a friend/sibling/mom or your honey? Then book early and be sure to grab consecutive spots!

I look forward to another fun special event!

Email me if you have any questions!

Happy Summer!



Inspiration for the July Long Island Boudoir Photography Magazine Cover Style Special Event Mini Boudoir Shoot / Beauty Shoot