NEW PUBLISHED ARTICLE on The Fine Line Magazine about fabulous women over 40, 50, Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography

I love to write. I’ve written and published two books (one by Thomson Publishing and One by Focal Press).

There’s something about staring at a blank page.

Then filling it with a story.

THE very story you want to tell.

Earlier this year I felt compelled to sit down and write an essay about women over 40. Women who will sometimes call me and ask if it’s ok they’re over 40, over 50, over 60. GOSH! OF COURSE it is! In fact, some of my best clients are over 50 and 60!

Boudoir photography for the mature woman by long island boudoir photography

Although the magazine changed the article title from what I thought was a great one “Sorry, not sorry!” (sigh - that always happens to me), I’ve provided a link below to the published article on their site. Take a look. If you’re interested in the original full article (which I pretty much had to cut in 1/2 due to the mag’s length requirements, drop me a note and I’ll forward it on to you!)

LINK to my article on The Fine Line Magazine website.

Mature women boudoir photography by long island boudoir photography

And if you know a fabulous lady over 40, 50, 60….forward it on to her! Then tell her to sign up for a shoot!




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