People & Pets Shoot Event

A January 2019 FUN fundraising event

You’re invited to participate in a People & Pets Photography Event hosted by Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography: A portion of your proceeds will go to the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Center - Long Island’s only wildlife hospital on the east end, receiving over 10,000 calls per year, providing assistance with wild animal encounters, and dedicated to the rehabilitation of wild animals impacted by encroachment of humans on their habitat.

It all started when…

Adrienne shared her story with me. Every day she posts images of a new animal she was helping. One day a blue heron. Another day a deer. Another, an owl. And still another day—some type of bird I’d never even heard of. But what struck me most above all was her passion for her work, for these animals.

I too am an animal lover. Sadly, I lost my dog earlier this year to a cancer we weren’t aware had torn through her body. She never let on that there was any discomfort. Almost 14 years old and still puppy-like it was only when she began losing weight that we realized something was wrong. Spot was more than a dog to me. She was my best friend. What I now regret the most is that I never took enough pictures of her. That I—a photographer—never formally shot her! All the pics I have of my beloved Spot are grainy or blurry iPhone shots. This is all that I will ever have now that she’s gone. And it’s a shame. :(

I do have a new puppy now - she reminds me so much of the furry friend I lost only months ago - but this time I vow to take time to capture her beauty, her details—the long white-tipped tail that’s always wagging, her expressive brown eyebrows, her super long skinny tongue that curls just so when she yawns. And because dogs don’t live nearly long enough, I want to remember her character forever, so that these memories, and the details can never fade.

About The Event

In January, I have chosen a couple of dates

*Thursday January 10th (10, 12, 2, 4)

*Saturday, January 19th (10, 12, 2, 4)

*(Newly added) Wednesday, January 23rd (11, 1, 3)

My shoot fee will be discounted to $99—this holds your date, covers my time on your shoot date and on your review session date (which will be scheduled within 2 weeks of your shoot)

Chosen images will be provided as both full resolution files and 8x10 prints although albums are also available. Image collections, which include full editing and professional finish, start at 500.

Call Susan at 631.398.4487 to secure your spot.

About Adrienne
(the woman in the video)

I’ve been a certified wildlife rehabilitation for 5 years. I love my job and it’s my passion. Everyday I get to see, help, and learn about our native wildlife. Every day is different and every day is a learning experience.

Archie the owl (in the video) came to us a few years ago after a collision with a vehicle. He suffered a wing fracture in the accident. We treated him for his injuries but sometimes even with care they cannot bounce back. He was deemed non-releasable after assessing his flying abilities. Archie now represents the educational aspect of our center. The center is home to several native birds of prey. All came to us as patients and were unable to be released after treatment. They now serve as an educational tool for our community.

My passion for wildlife started when I was young. My mother was so in touch with animals and so nurturing that it naturally rubbed off on me. Every Christmas I asked for something animal related. I had a collection of rubber animals (which I still have to this day). Every book I read in elementary school had to be about animals. I had many different critters growing up from hedgehogs to ferrets to rabbits and gerbils. I never lived without them. It wasn’t until I volunteered with the wildlife hospital that I knew I had been missing something in my life. I live with 6 chihuahuas, 5 cats, 13 chickens, 3 pigs, a prairie dog (Thumbelina), two African grey parrots, a ball python and Keela—the fox!

Even more exciting, I am in the process of forming a new 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on the red fox population on long Island—I provide free medical care and advice for anyone seeking help with their red fox neighbors. I treat foxes all over Long Island and Fire Island. Mange is a particular problem—because of the mite that burrows under the skin, the foxes suffer from extreme irritation, lose their fur, get horrible sores and slowly starve because their eyes become crusted over and they begin to suffer from overall poor health. BUT, the treatment is simple—I distribute an inexpensive medicine called ivermectin. The new organization is called “For Fox Sake.” Many people don’t like foxes but I think it’s because they are unaware that foxes are inquisitive, smart and sly, they’re never aggressive toward domestic animals, and in fact, they’re really helpful because they clean up road kill and help keep balance in nature!