NEW: Personal Branding Photography


Hey guys!!! 

I have plans for something new and exciting! A completely different photography service. It’s one that meets the unique and ever-evolving needs of today’s online marketers, influencers, bloggers, business startups, entrepreneurs, online educators, coaches, consultants, real estate professionals, etc. 

Basically, anyone introducing something NEW to the market or who relies on social media to communicate their UNIQUE brand and value proposition despite a perceived super-saturated market NEEDS this! 

This new photography service I am about to launch offers a whole world of support for up and coming thought leaders and innovators!! 

BUT I need your help! 

Please share this page with anyone you know who might be a good fit for this. 

Following are the key points regarding this new initiative summarized in the 5Ws format:

I’m looking for entrepreneurs, influencers, new business owners, coaches, consultants, restaurant owners, real estate professionals – in short, anyone who’s self-motivated, self-employed, launching something new, exciting and/or different, 
AND who recognizes that they MUST leverage the power of social media by providing a steady stream of powerful, professionally shot images to 1) promote their business, 2) communicate their unique message, and 3) grow their brand.

I will work with the demo client to conceptualize and design a custom shoot experience for the purpose of creating images that perfectly reflect the business owner’s
BRAND and STORY. As a result, demo clients will receive an entire 3 months worth of professionally shot images (elevating them far above the fray of the bajillions of amateur snapshots out there—you’ve seen them!). Demo clients will be able to use the images I provide for daily social media posting, brand positioning, and in the development of coherent/consistent marketing materials. 

It’s important to note that this is an
immediate special offer and will NOT be extended! To be honest, I am looking to fill these demo spots within the next two days so we can get going on the strategizing and I can shortly thereafter launch this new line of service!

Depending on the demo client (e.g. restaurant vs. coach), the shoot will either take place in my fully equipped, 3500 sq ft photography studio, or on location at the client’s business.

Why am I offering this? I am offering this special introductory offer for a low cost shoot providing months worth of professional imagery because I’m preparing to add this new service through my established photography studio specifically to address the needs of today’s entrepreneur—it’s called personal brand photography and it’s
OH SO different from headshot shoots. In short, I’d like to work with 2 independent business owners at a significantly discounted rate to cover a bit of my time investment. I’m doing this in order to build my demo portfolio; to show how radically this new type of photography differs from the average headshot photo shoot; and at the same time, to make sure the details of my workflow are all running smoothly before opening this up to the general public.

So, how can you help? 1) Share this post with someone you know who might benefit from this special offer. Or 2) if you think you might be a fit, send me an email ASAP to so you can be considered for one of the demo client spots (this service will be placed under my Body & Soul Photography and Studio division). 

The discounted price for this opportunity is just $500! Crazy right? Just so you know this is WAY lower than what I will be charging once I add this to my list of services in a few weeks. My clients over the past 11 years will recognize how big a discount this represents! And you must be aware, I WILL NOT be repeating this offer at this price! Because remember, for this nominal amount demo clients will be getting:

  • a brand consultation where we’ll discuss what makes your business/offering different and uniquely you and come up with a strategy for your shoot; 

  • a full photoshoot to capture all phases of your business process including product images as necessary, plus your personal brand style in portraits; 

  • an insane number of professionally shot images that you can use to tell your story! That’s a minimum of 75-90 images to feed your social media posts for an entire 3 month period; Just so you know, I’m not talking about low resolution for-the-web files, but full sized high resolution Images you can edit, manipulate for your own marketing purposes, and use for printing of marketing materials! This would be worth well over $10,000 based under traditional arrangements.

  • But you’d have it all for just $499 with this immediate special offer - so let’s talk about how we can help one another!

Amazing right? Ok, so here’s the thing: I need to know by Monday morning if you want to be a demo client! I’m only offering 2 spots and undoubtedly I’ll get overwhelmed with inquires, so if you’re serious about making a statement with your brand in 2019, DO NOT wait or you’re gonna lose out for sure! 

NOTE: Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. I will consider the spots officially booked once payment of the full $499 (plus sales tax) has been received by both demo clients. Once you have secured your spot, we can then start working on the fun part—planning and strategizing to communicate your unique brand! 

Thanks so much for checking this out! I can’t wait to get this started and hope you or someone you know will be a part of it!

Best wishes for a happy, productive, ass-kicking 2019!!