The holidays are coming! Headshots & a really special holiday gift card offer!

I have to say, I LOVE autumn. True autumn. Like when the leaves are red, gold, orange and yellow. It’s exhilarating! This weekend I went for a walk in two different parks - really taking in all the beautiful colors. I was so inspired I shot this series yesterday…

We had half an hour to capture these but I was determined! The truth is, in the past 3 days I’ve already seen such a huge shift. Soon the colors will be gone, the leaves will fall, and winter will be upon us.

I don’t mind winter, it’s just that with it comes yet another hectic season. Gift shopping, cold weather, darker days. As I get older, it gets harder to bear. So I focus on creating fun events and opportunities that will bring the cheer.

In that vein, there are two things I wanted to let you know about:

  1. I’ve launched something new - Headshot days. I love shooting headshots. They’re really fun. You have less of the body to worry about, and everything becomes about expression…authentic expression. So we tend to laugh a lot and chat a lot and have fun so the images won’t be so…well, stiff. Headshot day special pricing will ONLY be in effect on the days listed on my page. Custom, longer shoots are still individually planned and booked. So if you’ve been needing a couple of headshots, now’s the time to book your spot on one of my headshot days. Pro photography that’s within reach for most people. Tell a friend!

Headshot Day by Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography

2. Holidays are coming! Once again I’m presenting a PAYITFORWARD gift card special offer through November 30th!

Each year I like to PAYITFORWARD. I feel so blessed to do something I absolutely love for a living that I would like to help you give someone the gift of a pampering experience with me. This holiday season, purchase a gift card for a friend, wife, significant other, relative or even for yourself to use at a later date and I'll match your purchase! But there's more--for any gift purchase over $500 I'll be throwing in a gift card for a complementary 1hr shoot (whether for boudoir, portrait or headshot/business branding) which you can use yourself or gift to someone else! This year, for your convenience, it's all automated! Click here to purchase your gift card in the amount you wish to give and enter code HOLIDAY2018 for 50% off off (I'll match the rest for a gift card worth the total amount).

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!



New Special Offer! [Long Island Boudoir Photography]


Buy One Session - Get One Free!

Sign up for a shoot on the same day as a friend and you'll get a 2 for 1 on booking fees!

Offer valid on any NEW shoots booked between 9/1 and 9/30 and scheduled between now and 2/28/2019.

Reach out to your friends and buddy up! #2FOR1BUDDYUPSPECIAL This special offer will expire end of September.

Visit to review the different shoot types we offer.

Happy September!

Susan Eckert

Long Island Boudoir Photography®

Flash Sale! Any shoot $150 with complementary hair and makeup! MUST Book by 8/15!

Long Island Boudoir Photography Flash Sale

In an effort to stave off the insane last minute holiday rush I experience every year I am offering a first-ever flash sale.

This is awesome guys:
*you choose your shoot length—any shoot is just 150 (see shoot options on my website for more info)
*complementary hair/makeup is included
*can be ised for boudoir, headshot, glamour or branding portrait
*same day image review/order session
*HOWEVER shoots MUST be booked/fully secured by 8/15 via my online scheduler (see link below)
(So sorry—this offer cannot be applied to shoots already scheduled)

If you are on the fence, just read my Google reviews to see what clients have to say about their shoot experience—THAT will get you off the fence!

To reserve your shoot date go to [link expired] or follow the link in my spaces available!

Please share with a friend who might be interested. Have a great day! 💋

I look forward to meeting YOU!!



New Video: How I edit my boudoir images for a polished professional look

For several years I've fielded questions about what I can/cannot edit...whether I even edit in the first place...whether I deliver every single image file from the boudoir session "shoot & burn" style on a disc unedited...etc. etc.

Although I'm happy to enlighten each individual one-by-one, it occurred to me that I should probably create a video everyone could watch--one that would demonstrate all that is involved in taking an image from start to finish (which explains why art takes time) and while at the same time explaining the difference between "shoot & burn photographers" and professional studio owners. I wanted to create something that would communicate how I as a professional studio owner feel about and approach my work. I think I've accomplished all of this in this video.

Finding someone who was comfortable enough to allow me to edit one of their images for this purpose took some time, but when I asked a current spokesmodel if I could use one of the images from a recent shoot for the demo, she graciously agreed. YAY! I even let her review the entire video before sharing it with you to be sure she was completely comfortable with the contents. (She LOVED it!)

Anyone who follows me knows I'm not huge on getting in front of camera myself (hence the empathy I feel and am able to show to my clients). But by talking through my process--the philosophy and thinking behind it--I was able to shed some light on HOW I do WHAT I do and WHY. I hope it will be informative for you.

Disclaimer: Please forgive the background sounds I didn't realize were being picked up - like my puppy's jangling collar, dogs rolling around together in doggie play, and my son's allergy attack - HA! I was working from my kitchen at home with headphones. Pinky promise, my next video will be shot from the quiet confines of my photography studio! :P 

If you have any questions after watching the video below, please feel free to email me.

Have a wonderful week!


Also be sure to visit our headshot and portrait site:



{REPOST} There is only one Long Island Boudoir Photography®!

I felt compelled to repost this blog piece because yet again there is another photography studio trying to confuse the public by assuming my business name EVEN THOUGH it's federally registered. My friends tell me imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I'm not flattered. I've worked so hard for too many years for someone to just step all over that. While my attorney is on it, I  wanted to alert women looking for Long Island Boudoir Photography®. While my reviews are stellar and I always work with integrity, the same cannot always be said for other studios. If a link does not lead you to this site, then you are NOT dealing with Long Island Boudoir Photography®.

I shot my very first boudoir image back in 2007, in a friend's dark basement, with a single tiny strobe light I had no idea how to use. Since then, it's been a wild and wonderful ride! I've published a book, presented at a major national conference, had my work exhibited in galleries and international art books, and I've delivered workshops designed to teach blossoming photographers how to work in an emotionally intelligent way. When you are first to market, as I was in this wonderful niche called boudoir photography, you have several advantages. I have had TIME to build my reputation. TIME to build my search engine standing, Google ranking, links, and connections. TIME to build strong testimonials and feedback from actual clients who've gone through the process with me--start to finish. 

I have also had the great fortune of building my EXPERIENCE in this niche. I left corporate America to follow my passion--empowering women, helping them see their beauty, helping them overcome their fears, insecurities and negative self-talk. I leveraged my psychology background to build an experience for my clients that is unparalleled and directly related to my expertise with the emotional world of women. And I've invested nonstop in building my skills in this field. My published book on the psychology of boudoir could only have happened because of the EXPERIENCE I have.

When I started it was me and one (1) other female-owned boudoir-only photography studio. That was it. Women either loved her style. Or they loved mine. Now, given the popularity of the niche, there are countless photographers offering boudoir services. Some are true professionals -- having studied, acquiring licenses, insurance, and all the business permits and legal requirements necessary to run a real business. Sadly, others are not. Few manage and run physical studios--ensuring reliability, privacy and comfort to their clients. In fact, a recent client called me in a desperate plea for help because one such photographer canceled her session only days before they were supposed to shoot.

But there is always the right person for the right long as the client knows what they're looking for and therefore, what they're really getting.

As the field has become way more crowded, I've become aware that others, hoping to ride my SEO coattails have begun using my business name. They confuse prospects, and pretend to be associated with my business when clearly they are not. These people hope to benefit from my flawless client feedback, Google high rankings, and the great efforts I've made over many years to make my business visible. Sometimes this infringement comes in the form of hidden tags on photos or page titles. Other times, as in the most recent infringement, the infringement is blatant.

But there is only one Long Island Boudoir Photography® And it is my studio--my name is Susan Eckert. I am located at 120 Remington Blvd in Ronkonkoma and I pride myself on delivering transformative experiences to clients who seek something way more meaningful than the pretty pictures you just might get from a budget beauty, boudoir or glamour shoot.

I am Long Island Boudoir Photography®

I vet my clients just as my clients vet the photographers they choose to work with. And my client testimonials speak for me.

I am proud of my accomplishments, but I am even more proud of my clients who transcend their fears so they can create beautiful work in partnership with me.

I will not allow others to ride my coattails or diminish the hard-won outcomes resulting from YEARS of work. I will fight those who trample my business name.

There is only one Long Island Boudoir Photography® And if you are on this website, then you have found have found me--a passionate photographer who approaches her work from a place of love, empathy and understanding. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. And for this reason I trademarked my mission statement...

"Illuminating the Power of the Feminine"®

May every day bring you joy. May your accomplishments and hard work be recognized. And may your mirror truly reflect your beauty--inside and out--for always. 

I am grateful to each and every client who's enabled me to continue all these years on this wonderful journey. One client told me just this week that I'd found my calling. I agree. I've never felt more fulfilled than when I became a boudoir photographer. I look forward to even more beautiful relationships and experiences in the coming years!


Introducing Long Island Boudoir Photography and Body & Soul Photography and Studio's Spokesmodels: Welcome Dani

When you're a shy, introverted boudoir photographer it's good to have people who are WAY more outgoing than you around for a few reasons: 1) They can serve as a resource for when you really really want to try some cool out of the box idea that's been clunking around in your head. And 2) They can also reach out to others and share what you do (even when you're too humble to talk about it yourself). Haha.

I really believe, whether you are pursuing boudoir photography or headshots, that photography is an intimate experience, and so it helps to have people I've shot before share their personal experiences with others. While many of my clients do exactly that, a spokesmodel can be so helpful in so many other ways. In the past I've made preliminary efforts with one, then another spokesmodel--clients I adored and thought would be great cheerleaders for what it is I REALLY do (because if you've read anything about me you already know I aim for more than just a pretty picture, WAY more!)

So when I put the word out I wanted to have more than one spokesmodel for 2018, I got bumrushed. LOL! NEVER in my wildest imagination did I anticipate so many women coming forward enthusiastically wanting to play this role. a result, I decided to give it a go a bit differently this year. End result is: I now have 9 spokesmodels. (WHAT?!) I know. Insane. But it's going to be fun.

The Group Shoot

I love Vanity Fair magazine. So when I realized I'd have a larger number than expected, I called them all in to the studio (except one who I had to photoshop in--can you guess which?) to do a  group shoot a-la-magazine style under the umbrella of my new studio brand: Body & Soul Photography and Studio. I wanted to be able to include a spokesmodel specifically for my new/upcoming Teen Couture Portrait Line (where we blend fashion and fairytale to tell the story of a teen's coming of age). I will soon be introducing her on the Body & Soul website. The other spokesmodels will be shot for a combination of my boudoir, headshot, modern portrait, and fine art work--they will be showcasing new concepts and ideas I never seem to have the time to create (or concepts that just haven't aligned with my clients visions...YET).

I learned a lot in the process of doing this group shoot, but I do love the resulting group shot.

2018 Spokesmodels for Long Island Boudoir Photography and Body & Soul Photography and Studio

For the next 8 days I will be spotlighting each spokesmodel, one at a time. I am so honored to have them join me in these upcoming adventures. Each is so different and so special in her own way. My hope is that your story will resonate with one or more of them and that you might even reach out to them directly in your quest to document your own story if you feel you might have something in common.

To kick things off I'd love to start by featuring Dani.

Introducing Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodels: Dani

Bio in Brief: Dani is a happily married 40-year old mom of 2 who works full-time as a project manager for the State while studying Mortuary Science part-time in the hopes of one day becoming an undertaker (THAT was news to me!). What I DID know is that she is an avid triathlete with a full Ironman and several Half Ironmans under her belt (Can we say Kick-Ass?!). She's a Board Member of the NYPD Triathlon team to boot.

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

About Dani: Dani plays the violin, reads non-fiction, listens to punk rock music, loves getting new tattoos, eating pizza, chocolate ice cream and bacon (though you'd never know it). Her modeling resume includes a Hershey syrup commercial, a Nicolock commercial, an MTV video, runway work, fashion catalogs, billboards, fitness franchises, triathlon apparel companies and more. 

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

Dani describes herself as: committed, loyal, determined, fierce, intelligent, silly, outgoing, and loving.

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

When asked why she wanted to be a spokesmodel, Dani says: "I have been working with Susan for about 8 years on many projects. I have watched her grow as an artist and professional. I love her work, her passion for her work, and want to be the face that helps her expand her reach! I have a large social network and want to help people look and feel beautiful. You never know who is watching!

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

On her photoshoot experiences Dani Says: I have been shot and directed by many, and Susan is by far the one that brings a level of comfort to a scenario that is not comfortable for anyone. Her thorough research with client concepts are matched with an ability to bring them to life in the most stunning and professional way. We can be serious, we can laugh, it is FUN, and I always leave happy, feeling classy, not trashy. (LOL!)

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

Social: Dani can be found on Instagram @nypdtriathlon and @danigogs

Please join me in welcoming Dani!

I look forward to sharing additional pics of Dani from our future photo shoot explorations! 


Susan Eckert


Boudoir (Mini) Lite Sessions REVISED!

Juicy boudoir news here!

After struggling for years to TRY to love the concept of fixed mini shoot days (which really sound great in theory but don't always work so well in reality) I made the decision to try it as a stand-alone offering. And it's working wonderfully! So it's here to stay.

What Boudoir Mini Lite Sessions mean for you...

If you fall into either of these categories:

  1. You're dying to try boudoir shot by an established professional, but funds are limited;

  2. You're wanting to try out a short shoot and walk away with only a few images

    ...then this is the option you've been waiting for!
Get your edited boudoir Images on a flash drive from Long Island Boudoir Photography


Isn't this the most awesome flash drive? So perfect for boudoir!

How Boudoir Mini Sessions work...

You can opt to have makeup done prior to your shoot or not; we shoot for 1/2 hour; we sit down and go through your images; I show you the Boudoir-Lite specific bundle options I've created for these boudoir mini sessions; you leave knowing exactly which images you're getting and in which format.

As with everything I do, quality is the bottom line.

A few important points about the Boudoir Lite sessions:

  • This option is only for individual shoots; if you want to shoot with hubby or a partner, then look at our Personal Shoot or Luxury Experience options instead.
  • Boudoir Lite sessions only take place during weekdays.
  • You can choose to do either boudoir, beauty, headshots, or maternity during this 1/2 hour.
  • Review/order sessions must take place immediately after your shoot.

If you'd like to chat about a session, call me at 631.398.4487 or contact me here.

Happy Spring (it IS spring isn't it?) :P



Maternity / Pregnancy / Belly Shoots at Long Island Boudoir Photography - with COMPLEMENTARY mother/baby shoot until 8/31/18

So, lately I've had a fair number of belly shoots going in the studio. And you know what? I LOVE shooting maternity! It's so positive, joyful, and fun! 

I'm always inspired by the beauty of mammas-to-be (whether or not they themselves feel all that fabulous)! Lord knows when I was carrying twins I didn't feel all that hot myself (haha!). 

But carrying life is SUCH an amazing miracle! And being pregnant is SUCH a gift! I learned this after my firstborn. I struggled for years to have another, realized I was suffering with secondary infertility (which is WAY more common than we realize because it's yet one of more female issue we don't really talk about as a society). 

So, pregnancy should be celebrated, cherished, and documented!! Whether you choose to do a conservative style shoot or something a bit more body baring, we've got you covered! Not to mention, it makes for fabulous wall art!

Maternity Pregnancy Belly Photography by Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography

My clients and friends know I am always inspired by fine art, classic paintings and such. I have a vision for capturing the beauty of mother and baby in a classic, painterly way...soooooo to realize this vision I am going to begin offering a mother/baby shoot complementary with each maternity shoot I do through August 31, 2018.

There are specific requirements for these shoots, so if you are interested, please be sure to discuss it with me when booking your maternity shoot.

Happy spring (if it ever actually decides to show up!).

All my best,
Susan Eckert





Boudoir Posing Tutorials have been posted! Complementary for VIP Boudoir Clients!

Happy Spring!! Is this the spring/summer you do YOUR boudoir shoot?

So, I finally got over my aversion to being on video and have created a 10-video series of boudoir pose tutorials to help my clients prepare for and know what to expect during their shoot!

Essentially, I sat down and thought about the most common posing mistakes I correct for. As I listed them they fell rather neatly into a list of 10! How awesome is that? 

Each posing mistake has it's own smirk-worthy title (e.g. "Peking Duck; Turtleneck") and it's own video clip. You can figure out which ones you're most likely to do and focus on those. Unless you're me, you probably will only find one or two of them that you have a natural tendency to do. (See, me? When I'm in front of the camera I do ALLLLL of them!! :P )

Watch as I guide the model out of the "mistake" and into more flattering angles and movements.  I have also posted before and after pictures to show you the difference in how the camera views the body in both scenarios. You'll see, posing goes a LOOOOOOONG way towards removing those 10 or 15 pounds you just might feel you have to lose before you do a shoot!

This 10-video boudoir posing tutorial series is a complementary perk for my clients. After years of hearing concerns about posing, and telling clients not to worry about it (It's my job to pose you) I figured I'd take one more step towards relieving those fears and concerns.

And so far the feedback has been great!!

  • "This is really very helpful to see and you're fabulous on video!!!"
    (Really?! I feel so awkward on video!!)
  • "I will watch these 1000x...they are so great!!!"
  • "This is awesome!"

Once a shoot is booked, I will forward a link to access these boudoir posing videos and you can watch them as often as you like. :D

Have a wonderful spring! Summer's on its way!

For headshots, modern portraits, and business branding check out our sister studio:

Boudoir by Susan of Long Island Boudoir Photography®

"Welcome Spring" Boudoir Photography Special!

Long Island Boudoir Photography Flash Drive for Digitals
Flash Drive for Long Island Boudoir Photography Digitals

I am in love with these new USB flash drives! So sweet!

To celebrate my new find and welcome spring (it IS coming, isn't it?), here’s a special offer...

Book a summer shoot between 3/24 and 3/31 and your album purchase gets you a complementary flash drive loaded with your edited digitals printable to 8x10! :) J

Just mention code WELCOMESPRING❤️
(Note: Your summer shoot date must be secured by 3/31)

Happy Saturday!

On being An Artist...

Living life as an artist means getting used to rejection. Even anticipating it. Because rejection is inevitable both in the art world and in the business world.

I submit images from time to time to competitions; I respond to calls for gallery exhibitions; and I propose image concepts for magazine publication. Oftentimes the answer is "No thanks." Many times, there's no response at all. But then out of all the no's and black void responses there come the emphatic "YES" replies, the enthusiastic "That's a great idea! Let's do it," or the "Congratulations! You're invited to show your work!"

This week has been a bit nutty. Crazy spring snow ruined my shoot schedule, schools closed, opportunities to connect with prospects were missed, and tax season is creeping every closer (ugh!). But smack dab in the middle of this all, I got that "Congratulations!" email and for a minute, everything else faded away.

See, being a photographer is one thing. Being a business owner is an altogether different beast. And then, being an artist...well, that's like living on another planet (one yet to be discovered - hah!). I wrote about this a little in my earlier blog on pricing which you can find here. But the point is, you can work so hard and for so long to define your vision as an artist. Back in the day painters would work so hard on their craft and there was never any guarantee that in their lifetime, they'd see success. In fact, some never did...until after they were long gone. Still, they worked so hard for the love of their craft. Much as I do.

Although I shoot my clients from THEIR perspective, to help them tell THEIR story (not mine), I do try to take time to shoot for me. That's something rather different. Because when I shoot for me, I share a bit of my world, my thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears and challenges. Perhaps I haven't spent nearly enough time doing that over the years, always so busy with client work, but I plan for this year to be different. I look forward to sharing some of the results of that exploration with you.

So I'm putting it out there! My creative personal work is sprinkled out there on Instagram, on Facebook, on 500px, but I'm dedicating this year to building a strong personal portfolio. Because in the past, when I have shown my personal voice, that's when I've sparked something within someone somewhere out there who's randomly stumbled across it and who's heard and inspired by the message loud and clear. That's pure magic!

The reason why this particular "Congratulations!" is so important to me is because 1) I almost didn't enter but a nagging voice at the 11th hour told me to just send at least 1 image and so I did; and 2) my hero Joyce Tenneson (if you've never heard of her, please Google her!) was judging and choosing. She's curated a powerful collection of images that will be exhibited at PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont. When I saw the collection I was so proud to have my work listed among them. I am so thankful to be exhibited among them. And I feel so inspired to keep keep on keeping on despite the rejection that will inevitably continue to come despite my best efforts. Because I know...the Yes's WILL come if I work hard enough.

Keep on Keeping On, Trample Rejection,
and Wear Your Passion Like a Shield!

 This is Susan Eckert's image chosen for exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery next month

This is Susan Eckert's image chosen for exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery next month

Some other personal work I count among my favorites...


Enjoy your weekend and reach out if you'd like to inquire about your own shoot!





Boudoir Lite Bundles

Boudoir Lite Shoots are designed for women who are only looking for a handful of images. Every year I receive numerous requests for shoots where the desired outcome is only a few images. Full shoots are overkill in this instance, so I decided to do a test run with Boudoir Lite sessions - four sessions occurring on one day. 

Makeup is included, followed by a 1/2 hour shoot, and then an immediate review and selection of your images.

There are four options on the backend - bundles I've created just for the Boudoir Lite Client in mind.

Bundle 1: 5 Small Digitals with Lite Retouching delivered via zip file

Bundle 2: Silver

Silver Bundle for Boudoir Lite/Boudoir Mini Sessions

Bundle 3: Gold

Gold Bundle for Boudoir Lite/Boudoir Mini Sessions

Bundle 4: Your choice of 10 11x14 Matted Prints or an 8x8 Leather Photo Book; also with Small digitals printable to 8x10 and lite retouching.

Dates are coming up fast: March 24th and March 29th. Claim one of the remaining spots today.  Boudoir Lite sessions may or may not be offered in the coming months.

Bundle up for the last of winter - spring will be here soon!!


Susan Eckert


Introducing Boudoir Lite Days...

Happy, happy hump day!

We asked - you answered!

Recently, we conducted a survey on our FB page. The results indicated that many women wanted the option of experiencing boudoir for the first time via boudoir mini sessions. Although a bit surprising, we decided to give mini shoots another go. In the past they were long, exhausting, and sometimes unfulfilling days filled with no shows, late arrivals which threw us off schedule, etc. SOOOOOO we've reformatted our old mini shoot day structure in order to streamline the process, increase its chance of success, and make it less, well, overwhelming!

We are excited to test out the new model. So for March, we'll be testing it out on two separate dates--one is on a Saturday (the 24th) for those who can't get off of work, and the other is on a Thursday (the 29th). There are only 4 slots each day! You can choose to shoot beauty, boudoir, maternity, glamour, or Portrait Atelier.

So, without further ado...our first Boudoir Lite day is March 24th. Only $199 (shoot fee) holds your spot on that day - but if you want in, hurry, because there are only 4 spots each day! The second Boudoir Lite date will be March 29th. You can sign up for either date.

Note: Depending on the results, we may or may not be offering these again so don't wait! :D

Long Island Boudoir Photography Studio, Photography by Susan Eckert

I have to be honest...[Journal Post from Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography]

I have no problem making fun of myself, being self-deprecating, or seeing my flaws. NOOOOOOO problem with any of those whatsoever.

SO, when I receive an album that in particular is JUST amazing, I feel pride. Proud of the results of all the HARD work, proud of the years of skills-building, proud of the relationships I establish every day, and proud to be associated with the amazing labs I work with -- they are truly amazing!

But I also feel proud of my clients -- for pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone, for trusting me enough to be themselves in front of the camera, for exposing their bodies for me and my camera (a daunting thing for most women, have no mistake!) 

I see beauty. In everyone. Have done so since I was a little girl. I was the weird kid walking up to strangers telling them how great their jawline is, or how amazing their neckline. I noticed these things. And I'm so glad to be able to translate that into beautiful, flattering photographs of my beautiful clients.

I work really hard. I pour my soul into my work. And I am proud when I see the finished work. It makes all the hard days worthwhile, gives me perspective, and reconnects me with my mission of Illuminating the Power of the Feminine®

That is all.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

Susan Eckert runs Long Island's leading boudoir photography studio
Long Island Boudoir Photography


Long Island Boudoir Photography Studio


I can't believe it's already January 31st!!! Can you??

Wow - and there's so much going on at the Long Island Boudoir Photography studio!

For starters, we've relocated to a new, bigger space - super super cool!! Here's a sneak peek at one of our rooms -- I call it The Daylight Room and I can move any of our furniture pieces in here for a boudoir, glamour, portrait or headshot session. We'll be hosting a studio warming party once we're all set up and emailing those on our email list once the date has been determined. 

The Daylight Room at Long Island Boudoir Photography Studio

Now that we have so much room we're also going to be launching new programs and offerings too - stay in touch for those, and if you're not on our mailing list, now's the time to join (up top on the home page is your invitation to join our mailing list - and since I don't like to pester, we only email about once per month).

I'm already getting phone calls about 2019 shoots...and if you've read any of my blogs, you KNOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE planners. So, I've just added a new offer on my Specials page! It's called #THEPLANNERSSPECIAL - anyone booking a shoot in 2019 will receive complementary hair and makeup on the house, AND will also receive a complementary 6x6 black silk copy of their album to keep for themselves (this applies whether your main purchase is a flash drive or larger album).

We're still working on the larger back studio area, but shoots have already been taking place in the front part of the new studio space and I am loving how these images look!! 

If you've been considering doing a shoot, come visit! I'll give you a tour and show you all the possibilities for even more creativity and fun!

Long Island Boudoir Photography's Daylight Studio Room and Makeup Vanity Table

May 2018 be a wonderful, dream building, fear conquering, success achieving year for you!!

With love,

Susan Eckert runs Long Island's leading boudoir photography studio
Long Island Boudoir Photography

Long Island Boudoir Photography

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

It's been a hectic year filled with joy, creativity, wonderfully inspiring clients, and LOTS of change! 

I got published in Professional Photographer Magazine (definitely a bucket list win!) I launched Body & Soul (R) - a sister studio offering business branding headshots, modern elegant portraiture, and commissioned art. 3 of my trademarks were federally registered -- woo hoo! I hosted a storytelling workshop in my studio. I introduced a new album collection that was an amazing hit with over 80% of my clients. And I made tough but necessary business decisions that will allow me and my clients to spread our wings and work more creatively and comfortably moving forward. More to come on that...

Thing is, I'm even more excited for 2018! 

This upcoming January I have been invited to speak at the Professional Photographer's of America annual Imaging USA conference on the psychology of the boudoir experience. Bonus: it's taking place in Nashville--another bucket list item checked! At the conference I hope to share with other photographers considering taking on boudoir, how they might make the experience more meaningful and transformative for their clients. Over the past 9 years I've learned that how photographers are taught to work and interact with clients doesn't always translate so well when it comes to boudoir as it doesn't take into account the unique psychology of the feminine mind/experience. My book which was published in 2016--Body & Soul--aimed to shift perspectives on default approaches to photography and the feedback so far has been wonderful! Although public speaking makes my knees week, I'm really excited about this opportunity, and know that my passion for this subject will overcome any anxiety about facing an audience from a podium! :P 

I'll leave other great news for future posts, but in the meantime I wanted to wish you a wonderful and very Merry Christmas! May 2018 bring all your dreams come true, show you a path to bigger and better things, and challenge you so that you may continue to grow and express yourself authentically!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Long Island Boudoir Photography

Much love,

Susan Eckert
Illuminating the Power of the Feminine(R)
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Check our specials page for other offers running this time of year, like our Vday special and our Anytime Special for those planning in advance for a special occasion. 

Have a wonderful day!

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Shoot for the moon...Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars...

 I love this quote by Norman Vincent Peale so much that it's printed on canvas in my studio for everyone to see and be inspired by.

I love this quote by Norman Vincent Peale so much that it's printed on canvas in my studio for everyone to see and be inspired by.

Some good news for Long Island Boudoir Photography

Although I hesitated in sharing this bit of good news (I am not one to brag EVER) I realized, after getting so many positive comments on FB once I did share it...that by sharing this good news I can inspire others. The comments friends, acquaintances, and colleagues made, the thoughts and responses they shared, led me to feel more comfortable in sharing the good news here with you.

Following is what I posted on FB:

For everyone who feels like they have an impossible dream. To those who counter the naysayers daily. To the dreamers who try to fly but are yanked down to earth repeatedly by those who lack vision...goals are meant to be achieved!!!!

When I started this photography journey I had one major bucket list goal: to be featured in the industry’s Professional Photographer Magazine. This month, that goal was met! (See the page 72 ref up top on the right? “A lovely feeling”?—thats the one!)

Long Island Boudoir Photography Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine!

A multiple page spread captures the interview I had with the talented freelance writer assigned to the task. We had a great chat and it’s beautifully summed up here.

What's more, in January I will be silencing my nerves and speaking to photographers in the industry about my passion and my philosophy about shooting women at PPA’s Imaging USA. In Nashville!!!! Which I have always wanted to visit—Another bucket list item checked off!

Next goal: to kill it in print competitions! 

#alwayskeepmoving #dreamskeepyoualive #movingforward#evolveandgrow #alwaysstrivetobebetterthanyesterday

know your why--this is the path to inspiration and success says Long Island Boudoir Photographer susan eckert

Everyone who meets me comments on how passionate I am about what I do. That's because I'm driven by a beautiful WHY. My mission is very specific and when I meet clients who are looking for and value what it is I truly have to offer--self-reflection, self-esteem, self-confidence, transformation--their joy becomes my reward!

Although it's only November still, I look forward to new challenges and opportunities to connect with new faces and beautiful souls in 2018!


Susan Eckert
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Long Island Boudoir Photography

Body & Soul Photography and Studio

When is art expensive?

When I started shooting back in 2008, I was unsure of myself. I knew I had vision, but I was figuring things out as I went. Having left the corporate world behind, boudoir photography was a new creative path for me and my pricing reflected this uncertainty in myself.

Even though, looking back, my images were technically beautiful and my clients were very happy, my uncertainty led me to undervalue what it was (what value) I truly offered my clients.

You see, an artist does not merely offer pictures. Anyone can snap a picture

An artist offers more. Way more.

long island boudoir photography by susan eckert

An artist offers her client a new way of seeing herself. Newfound appreciation for her body, her figure, her true beauty.

An artist gently coaxes out her client's best so the images will be considered priceless by her client...not just today, but for decades to come.

An artist finds flattering angles, uses the best equipment she's carefully invested in, and truly knows how to use light as a sculpting tool.

An artist elicits genuine laughter from her client so her images reflect her naturally, without feeling artificial.

An artist highlights her client's best features, ones she may not even know she possesses.

And an artist does this all the while building her client's self-esteem, self-confidence, and making her feel like a million bucks--all in a genuine way, because, you see, the artist is genuine--she truly SEES her client's beauty, body and soul.

long island boudoir photography by susan eckert

But here's the thing: not everyone is an artist.

Not everyone behind a camera is capable of seeing beauty in every shape, every size, every color, every figure...everyone.

Not every person behind a camera has the ability to truly see and use light, angles and lines to create beautiful images.

Not everyone is capable of revealing clients' beauty--raw and untouched.

Have you ever seen this video - where the photographer's understanding of the person they're shooting determines the outcome? Fascinating stuff. So imagine what happens when a photographer doesn't even take the time to figure out who you are... 

It takes an artist to see beauty. In every shape. Every size. Every color. Every single individual who comes her way.

And there is value in that.

long island boudoir photography by susan eckert

I am often challenged on my pricing by some who find my page online--individuals who assume boudoir photographers are all the same so the best way to go about finding one is to price-shop. I am asked to meet what prospects perceive to be "the going rate" in my field when I am well aware there is no such thing as a going rate.

I am a well-connected professional in this industry. I know what talented, established professionals charge. I also know what amateurs and newcomers (which I once was) charge. 

So when is art expensive?

That's inevitably up to each individual to decide. I already know I am not the most expensive boudoir photographer. Just as I am not the cheapest. But over the years one thing has become clear: I offer tremendous value to my clients. And the right clients are the ones who value what I have to offer. They understand that for the price of a designer pair of shoes (hot for a single season before they're outdated), they could instead own a memorable keepsake, a precious moment in time forever captured.  

A high-volume studio can offer low pricing, but in exchange, they must take on many, many clients to make up for their low prices. So...service and quality inevitably suffers. Just think about the different shopping experiences offered by a boutique high end shop and a discount chain store.

My goal is different: I take on fewer clients; offer the best service I possibly can; offer only the best products--which I take great time and care in sourcing and testing; and, I aim to deliver a boudoir experience that will forever serve as a highlight in a client's life.

There is a big difference between established professional boudoir photography studios, and non-professionals who've yet to study, establish, or invest in a business appropriately. Budget seekers may best be served by the shoot & burn newcomers and the discounted coupon offers that abound in this market.

But I seek to partner with individuals who seek a professional boudoir photography studio capable of delivering unmatched service and the level of quality that can only come from years of experience. 

As I approach 9 years as a boudoir photographer, I now know exactly who I am and what I offer: I am Susan Eckert, owner of Long Island Boudoir Photography. I am an artist. And I run an established luxury boutique boudoir photography studio.

If you value photography by a professional, dedicated, creative, talented, passionate photographer and fully licensed and insured business owner, set up a visit and let's have a chat!

Have a great week!


long island boudoir photography by susan eckert