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The holidays are coming! Headshots & a really special holiday gift card offer!

I have to say, I LOVE autumn. True autumn. Like when the leaves are red, gold, orange and yellow. It’s exhilarating! This weekend I went for a walk in two different parks - really taking in all the beautiful colors. I was so inspired I shot this series yesterday…

We had half an hour to capture these but I was determined! The truth is, in the past 3 days I’ve already seen such a huge shift. Soon the colors will be gone, the leaves will fall, and winter will be upon us.

I don’t mind winter, it’s just that with it comes yet another hectic season. Gift shopping, cold weather, darker days. As I get older, it gets harder to bear. So I focus on creating fun events and opportunities that will bring the cheer.

In that vein, there are two things I wanted to let you know about:

  1. I’ve launched something new - Headshot days. I love shooting headshots. They’re really fun. You have less of the body to worry about, and everything becomes about expression…authentic expression. So we tend to laugh a lot and chat a lot and have fun so the images won’t be so…well, stiff. Headshot day special pricing will ONLY be in effect on the days listed on my page. Custom, longer shoots are still individually planned and booked. So if you’ve been needing a couple of headshots, now’s the time to book your spot on one of my headshot days. Pro photography that’s within reach for most people. Tell a friend!

Headshot Day by Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography

2. Holidays are coming! Once again I’m presenting a PAYITFORWARD gift card special offer through November 30th!

Each year I like to PAYITFORWARD. I feel so blessed to do something I absolutely love for a living that I would like to help you give someone the gift of a pampering experience with me. This holiday season, purchase a gift card for a friend, wife, significant other, relative or even for yourself to use at a later date and I'll match your purchase! But there's more--for any gift purchase over $500 I'll be throwing in a gift card for a complementary 1hr shoot (whether for boudoir, portrait or headshot/business branding) which you can use yourself or gift to someone else! This year, for your convenience, it's all automated! Click here to purchase your gift card in the amount you wish to give and enter code HOLIDAY2018 for 50% off off (I'll match the rest for a gift card worth the total amount).

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!



Introducing Long Island Boudoir Photography and Body & Soul Photography and Studio's Spokesmodels: Welcome Dani

When you're a shy, introverted boudoir photographer it's good to have people who are WAY more outgoing than you around for a few reasons: 1) They can serve as a resource for when you really really want to try some cool out of the box idea that's been clunking around in your head. And 2) They can also reach out to others and share what you do (even when you're too humble to talk about it yourself). Haha.

I really believe, whether you are pursuing boudoir photography or headshots, that photography is an intimate experience, and so it helps to have people I've shot before share their personal experiences with others. While many of my clients do exactly that, a spokesmodel can be so helpful in so many other ways. In the past I've made preliminary efforts with one, then another spokesmodel--clients I adored and thought would be great cheerleaders for what it is I REALLY do (because if you've read anything about me you already know I aim for more than just a pretty picture, WAY more!)

So when I put the word out I wanted to have more than one spokesmodel for 2018, I got bumrushed. LOL! NEVER in my wildest imagination did I anticipate so many women coming forward enthusiastically wanting to play this role. a result, I decided to give it a go a bit differently this year. End result is: I now have 9 spokesmodels. (WHAT?!) I know. Insane. But it's going to be fun.

The Group Shoot

I love Vanity Fair magazine. So when I realized I'd have a larger number than expected, I called them all in to the studio (except one who I had to photoshop in--can you guess which?) to do a  group shoot a-la-magazine style under the umbrella of my new studio brand: Body & Soul Photography and Studio. I wanted to be able to include a spokesmodel specifically for my new/upcoming Teen Couture Portrait Line (where we blend fashion and fairytale to tell the story of a teen's coming of age). I will soon be introducing her on the Body & Soul website. The other spokesmodels will be shot for a combination of my boudoir, headshot, modern portrait, and fine art work--they will be showcasing new concepts and ideas I never seem to have the time to create (or concepts that just haven't aligned with my clients visions...YET).

I learned a lot in the process of doing this group shoot, but I do love the resulting group shot.

2018 Spokesmodels for Long Island Boudoir Photography and Body & Soul Photography and Studio

For the next 8 days I will be spotlighting each spokesmodel, one at a time. I am so honored to have them join me in these upcoming adventures. Each is so different and so special in her own way. My hope is that your story will resonate with one or more of them and that you might even reach out to them directly in your quest to document your own story if you feel you might have something in common.

To kick things off I'd love to start by featuring Dani.

Introducing Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodels: Dani

Bio in Brief: Dani is a happily married 40-year old mom of 2 who works full-time as a project manager for the State while studying Mortuary Science part-time in the hopes of one day becoming an undertaker (THAT was news to me!). What I DID know is that she is an avid triathlete with a full Ironman and several Half Ironmans under her belt (Can we say Kick-Ass?!). She's a Board Member of the NYPD Triathlon team to boot.

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

About Dani: Dani plays the violin, reads non-fiction, listens to punk rock music, loves getting new tattoos, eating pizza, chocolate ice cream and bacon (though you'd never know it). Her modeling resume includes a Hershey syrup commercial, a Nicolock commercial, an MTV video, runway work, fashion catalogs, billboards, fitness franchises, triathlon apparel companies and more. 

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

Dani describes herself as: committed, loyal, determined, fierce, intelligent, silly, outgoing, and loving.

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

When asked why she wanted to be a spokesmodel, Dani says: "I have been working with Susan for about 8 years on many projects. I have watched her grow as an artist and professional. I love her work, her passion for her work, and want to be the face that helps her expand her reach! I have a large social network and want to help people look and feel beautiful. You never know who is watching!

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

On her photoshoot experiences Dani Says: I have been shot and directed by many, and Susan is by far the one that brings a level of comfort to a scenario that is not comfortable for anyone. Her thorough research with client concepts are matched with an ability to bring them to life in the most stunning and professional way. We can be serious, we can laugh, it is FUN, and I always leave happy, feeling classy, not trashy. (LOL!)

Long Island Boudoir Photography Spokesmodel Dani

Social: Dani can be found on Instagram @nypdtriathlon and @danigogs

Please join me in welcoming Dani!

I look forward to sharing additional pics of Dani from our future photo shoot explorations! 


Susan Eckert


So Grateful for This Nice Review of My Book Body & Soul! [Long Island Boudoir Photography, Susan Eckert}

Welcome to the New Long Island Boudoir Photography Studio Website!


Well, we might be 8 years old, but we got a brand new face! 

It finally happened. I got tired of my old website and although this new  one has been under development for an entire year (if not more), I pulled the trigger at last.

My poor brother, who is a website developer, did most of the initial work and tried many times to get me to finish it. All I had to do was approve the layout, content, images...but of course, there never seemed to be enough time.

Until now.

I scheduled it like I do everything else in my life. And here it is. Done. Whew!

I love that this site has it's own blog section. Up until now, I'd been using for all of my blog posts. But I kind of like the idea of having it all in one place. So, going forward I think I may reserve the other blog site for posts on my fine art work, which I hope to make further strides in this coming year, and which, if you haven't seen it yet, is located at

Repeat visitors will see a few changes on this site aside from the blog. 

1. I'm no longer just offering boudoir photography--With this new site comes the launch of The Portrait Atelier(TM)--a new line of portraiture that while still women-focused, is tailored to the client who prefers glamour, gowns, and beauty to lingerie. Our studio has over 50 gorgeous sequined, bejeweled, ruched, and simply beautiful gowns you can use for these shoots. We will be posting a gallery of these gown within the next week or so.

2. As I expand my offerings, I will be training other shooters to work with me in providing headshots, maternity/pregnancy shoots, as well as mini boudoir shoots.

Of course there are tweaks yet to be made to my new Long Island Boudoir Photography website. And I will continue to make them as I move through the busy summer season. And as always, I'd love your thoughts and your feedback -- What do you like about the new site? What might you have trouble navigating? What would you like to see that isn't yet included?

Your input will help me build a site that serves you better. 

Wishing you a wonderful spring and summer 2016!

All my best,
Susan Eckert
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