Why Choose Susan of Long Island Boudoir Photography?

1.  My studio is like a Hollywood set -- how and what we shoot is driven by you and your style.  

2.  Your vision matters: We collaborate throughout the boudoir shoot process to ensure we capture you in a style that reflects who you are. 

3.  I offer more variety in terms of concepts, sets, and lighting styles. 

4.  I have an artist's eye and in addition to shooting fine art, also draw, paint and sketch. Special event fine art/mini boudoir shoots introduce out of the box concepts and enable you to become a part of my creative vision at a lower level of commitment.

5.  To ensure your comfort, this is an all-woman studio. No one else is present during your shoot (stylist leaves after application of makeup/hair styling).

6.  I'm a skilled at high-end retouching & skillfully handle advanced work such as scar and tattoo removal. 

7.  Exclusive service: I only accept one full shoot per day and we take our time on the day of yours; our full shoots options provide as much shooting time as you feel you'll need. 

8.  Flexibility: With prearranged payment plans I am committed to finding a way to make a custom boudoir shoot feasible for you. 

9.  Range: I've been published for my boudoir, fine art nudes, and fashion photography; so whether you want to wear couture gowns, tasteful lingerie, or shoot artistic nudes, I can accommodate you. 

10.  I'm lots of FUN to work with and make it easy -- you'll be thrilled with how you'll LOOK…you’ll be amazed by how you’ll FEEL! 


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