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Shoot length

Boudoir Shoots vary in length depending on two things: 1) how many concepts/lingerie outfits you’re looking to incorporate into your shoot, and 2) whether you’re looking for a small number of prints, wall art, or a handcrafted album with a range of images across varied looks. Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll forward a customized proposal for your shoot.

image collections

Participate in a special mini shoot event and purchase as few as 3 lightly edited images, or enjoy a customized personal shoot and create a collection of 10-30 or more of your favorites. All personal shoot image purchases include high end retouching.

invest in a unique experience

Most of my clients recognize pursuing a professional studio photo shoot as a unique experience they will likely not be repeating often. Many even say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing so they choose to do it the right way the first time rather than relying on discount websites to find a “professional” who can deliver a professional experience and tasteful, high quality boudoir images.

My goal is to offer the highest value and best experience possible, therefore I do NOT work on a high-volume basis—taking on 20-30 or more clients per month. Quite the opposite, I operate as a boutique studio, limiting the number of clients I work with each month to 10 or less. In this way, I am better able customize the experience for each and every one of my clients. Shoots at my studio include:

  • talented makeup artistry by experienced professionals—artists I’ve worked with for 9 years+

  • the incredibly uplifting, esteem-building experience I offer

  • gorgeous images straight out of camera so we can review them the same day as your shoot if you wish

  • images professionally edited to your taste

  • only the highest quality, handcrafted fine art albums, image folio boxes

If you are wanting to do a professional boudoir shoot but are either looking for a very small number of images or working with a tighter budget, I have the perfect solution. 1-2x a month on specific days I offer themed Mini-Shoot special events. Be sure to join our newsletter list to be the first to get new special event date announcements.

What's prompting your shoot?
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Date by which you need the finished images?
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