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An uplifting Experience…


…with an industry leader


…and published, gallery-exhibited artist

Think back to a time when you gave yourself permission to indulge in an uplifting act of self-care. Maybe you scheduled a tropical island escape to spend time recharging beneath swaying palm trees, rum drink in hand…or maybe you booked a weekend at a high-end spa retreat to be surrounded by zen music and calming incense while white-robed staff slathered lush lotions across your skin.

How did you feel?

And if you read those acts of self-care thinking, “Wow, I’ve never allowed myself luxuries like this,” then take a moment to allow yourself to imagine how it would feel to be there on that beach…to spend time at that spa retreat…to do something uplifting for your mind, body and soul.

Now, how does it feel?

Truth is, we show up better in the world—in our careers, role as moms, or as partners—when we feel good, when we feel whole. When we can look in the mirror and appreciate ourselves and see our beauty first (rather than our flaws) we show up with more confidence. We walk taller. Speak and live more assertively. And serve as better role models not only for our daughters, but for other women around us.

By lifting ourselves up, we also lift other up.

But all too often, women don’t give themselves permission to pursue acts of self-care. Or they put it off saying…tomorrow…maybe when…or if only…

But here’s the truth:

Tomorrow isn't promised.
Every year we grow a little bit older.
And those last 10-15 pounds really don't matter in the hands of a skilled photographer.

YOUR self-care is worth investing in!

Even more important than the beautiful images I create is the EXPERIENCE I offer my clients. I want you to feel UPLIFTED. I want to BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM. I want you to leave my studio feeling like A MILLION BUCKS. I want you to feel like you conquered Mount Everest because you stepped out of your comfort zone and conquered your fears! And above all, I want you to laugh. A LOT. Because you’re having an absolutely wonderful time!

If you read my Google reviews, you’ll see I accomplish these things because I am EXPERIENCED. 11 years and counting to be exact.

And you know how people say, “I feel you Boo!” Well, because I am an EMPATH, I truly DO feel you. We’ll get on the same wavelength—energy and emotionally—you’ll be shocked at how at ease you’ll feel.

I know how best to capture beautiful images that speak to who you are and lift you up because:

~I can guide you into a wide range of poses that will flatter your figure and highlight what you love most—no matter what your age, shape or size might be. One of my most fun memories is with a client who was 82 years young!

~I shoot natural light in my daylight room, and also make strategic use of studio lighting to tell YOUR story.

~And I am a creative artist. Being a photographer and being an artist are two completely different things. I’ve been published for fine art, fashion and boudoir photography - whatever comes closest to your style is what we’ll shoot.

Let’s discuss how we might work together to create tasteful boudoir art that captures YOU!


I can't wait to meet you!


120 Remington Blvd, Ronkonkoma NY 11779