Frequently Asked Questions

Where do shoots take place?

Hey there! I shoot mostly in my private photography studio in Ronkonkoma where I can create both natural light shoots and studio lit setups just for you. Come visit! Try lounging in my antique settees, couches, and chairs; check your gorgeous reflection in my collection of floor length mirrors; and see the many props I’ve got for your photoshoot! You’ll see I have two different bed setups available!

Location and destination shoots may also be possible. Let’s chat!

How long are shoots?

Is your fantasy inner YOU closer to Kim K or Sofia Loren? Either way, your customized full shoot can run between 1 hour and several hours. If you’d like to have makeup and hair done at the studio allow extra time though, because the beautification process can add another hour and a half to your shoot. It’s not that ya need it…it’s that my stylists are that good! That hair and makeup time also doubles as a fabulous opportunity to settle into the studio experience.

Mini special event boudoir shoots are a blast and sell out quickly - but in contrast to full shoots, those are short & sweet—generally 1/2 hour. These shoots are designed to appease my eclectic artist brain, show ya what I can do, and entice you to join me for out-of-the-box fine art or boudoir concepts. I can guarantee these won’t be anything like the pics your bff got from her boudoir session!

When would I see the images?

I show pics throughout the shoot. (That tends to get my ladies super pumped!) Sooooooo I imagine you too will likely wanna see them right away. Either way, No problemo! Same day image reviews are my thing! Perfect for out-of-towners; busy ladies short on time; or giddy beauties who just can’t wait to see the gems we’ve created. Full shoot clients get to choose whether to do same day or postpone up to 10 days. With same day though, I guarantee you’ll leave the studio on cloud 9 and with a huge sense of accomplishment knowing everything is all set and underway!

Who is present at the shoot?

You. Me. And, if you choose to have your hair and makeup done…one of my fabulous stylists. Once she’s done though, she leaves. Then it’s just you and me. Sorry, but friends are asked to wait in the waiting or changing room since it messes with my creative vibe having someone else there just watching. Thanks for understanding!

Should you choose to shoot a boudoir video during your shoot (Ooh-get it girlfriend!) then the videographer will be there of course for however long you decide. And, by the way, she’s a really cool chick! We sing country music side by side like Bonnie & Clyde…but don’t worry, if you don’t like country music, we’ll sing ya somethin’ else! :P

What do most of my clients do with their images?

My boudoir albums are fine art and handcrafted. Trust me, you’ll drool over my rich, textured leathers. You might even just wanna go home with one of my samples (except you can’t cause that’s not you in there…not yet!) But like I said, I like to get creative! You can also have really cool stuff like artsy deckled edge prints (who on LI has those?!), modern wall art, or digitals if you really must have them. But here’s the real scoop on digitals: unlike lots of event photographers who show up to an already decorated, already styled, already everything space to snap some pics, I am a STUDIO photographer. That means, I create EVERYTHING that makes the picture what it is. SOOOOOO let’s be clear. I am not one of those shoot & burn photographers who just snaps pics and then burns everything unedited in raw form (cellulite and all) to a flash drive or disc. No ma’am! I am a full-service photographer—that means I conceptualize, create sets, guide, pose, light, shoot, advise, then edit and polish EVERYTHING I hand over to my client. Plus, I work very closely with my labs to make sure your printed images are stunning! Ever try printing something at a local drugstore? Ewwww—not so hot. My advice is leave the printing to the professionals. Photobooks are also available for those on a tighter budget.

Do you shoot couples (gay or straight)?

Why not? I love shooting couples. I love people. Trans. Pan. Gay. Straight. People are people. People are beautiful. I’m more interested in your story. How can we tell it? But do note, everything I shoot is tasteful, so please know I do not honor requests for anything approaching soft porn. No judgment, it’s just not my thing.

Do you shoot men?

Know what?

For years, I considered myself strictly a women’s photographer….

BUT recently I’ve been shooting dudes too and now I feel fully capable of doing justice to the beauty of the male form.

So, take a peek at this sample gem and let me know what you think. If you like it, let’s shoot!

male boudoir, dudoir, long island, susan eckert photographer long island boudoir photography

Do you provide outfits?

Ok. Let’s talk. I have a huuuuuge wardrobe room in the studio. You are so welcome to explore it during a style consultation for your shoot. I have beautiful dresses, sheer things like kimonos and robes, and interesting things you’d never imagine doing a boudoir shoot in (like red ribbon—trust me it looks SUPER awesome!). BUT when it comes to lingerie, here’s my feeling: girls, please get your own. For a few reasons. Now, wait, wait, hear me out.

1) Look at it this way, you’ll be able to use it again (won’t your partner want to see you in it?) Me thinks, yes! Could’ya imagine? Your partner: Hey honey - can you put on that sexy outfit you had on in that pic? You: Sorry babe, it belongs to the studio! Ouch.

2) Ever try shopping for lingerie in a pinch? If so, you’ll get this one: I really, really, really believe no ONE studio can accommodate the wide range of sizes, shapes, tastes, and style preferences women have. We girls are selective! Am I right?? Annnnnnd since my work is ALLLLLL about communicating who YOU are during the shoot my darling, what you WEAR is SUCH an important part of expressing who you are. So……spend some time. Try things on. Check out Amazon—they really do sell EVERYTHING. Visit boutiques. Get a fitting - my buddy at LaFemmeDangereuse over in Woodbury’ll help ya out - just tell her I sent ya! You’ll be so much happier.

3) Besides ladies….it’s lingerie! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t really want to wear someone else’s lingerie.

Do you retouch images?

This can be a sensitive subject. So here we go. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: When you hire a pro photographer I believe you should receive polished, flawless images to show for it. THAT SAID, I do show images straight out of camera. Why? Because I shoot well. I know they’ll be flattering right off the bat. BUT more importantly, I want you to see that the nose you thought was insanely huge isn’t; that the hips you thought were tremendous aren’t; that the graceful neckline you didn’t realize you even had is amazing and soooo not my creation. See? It’s about empowerment. That’s more than just a word I throw around people—I live this stuff.

Imagine this: You sit down to see your images untouched, just as they were shot, and voila! You look freakin’ amazing!! How does that feel for you? Can we sing it? Amazing!!!

Now picture this: You sit down to see your images and oh boy, the photographer (not me) has edited the pics so much that you look like a mannequin, or worse, not even like you! Eek. How does that feel? I imagine not so great.

SO, let’s talk about this a lil’ bit more.

I ask my clients for input about how much/how little editing they want. Ahhhh partnership. See, I shoot images so that they come out of the camera beautiful to begin with! Truth be told, my clients usually sit, jaws dropping, eyeballs popping, going “Holy sh*t! These aren’t edited yet?!” Some are shocked to find they want very little done to their images. No problemo!

But don’t get me wrong. There is no judgment either way on my part and here comes a mini rant—no photographer should EVER enforce their personal opinion on this subject. You should never be made to feel guilty if you’ve birthed 4 people and feel a bit sensitive about your mommy midsection (I should know—I have twins!). Now, of course I’ll help you make smart outfit choices from the getgo, and then I’ll light you so that everything looks fab in camera, but if you ask for tweaks, then tweaks you shall have my dear!

Bottom line: Everything at my studio is a COLLABORATION. I want your voice on this just as it’s been a part of it all from the very beginning.

Do you shoot curvy women? Mature women?

Omgosh. YES! YES! YES! Give me curves any day. AND ladies, yes, you are STILL beautiful at 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond! Ask me how old I am, I’ll tell ya!

Point is, CELEBRATE who you are RIGHT NOW. Because right now is ALL that matters. Right now is all we have. Stop worrying about those last pounds you want to lose - in the hands of a great photographer those pounds don’t matter. SERIOUSLY. And to my 40+ ladies, STOP worrying about those lines or bits that might be a bit softer than they were 20 years ago - so what?! Let’s shine a light on what you do love. Man, I tell ya, I’ve had some fierce 50+ and 60+ plus beauties come through! Goals! I promise, you won’t regret leaving your fears outside the door! In fact, I’m pretty sure you’ll leave saying, Sayonara fears, get lost! And then Why didn’t I do this sooner? And THEN you’ll be booking a shoot to come back again next year :P

I’m shy and reserved. What if I don’t like my images?

You are under no obligation to purchase anything if you don’t like the images…but I have to say, I can’t remember a time this has ever happened to me. Not in my 11 years as a boudoir photographer. Want to know why? It’s because I set people at ease. I make people laugh. Because I work WITH my clients from day 1. TOGETHER we decide the what, how, when and how of it all. You show me your aesthetic and I apply my skills and talents to make something completely your own. When you hire me, you’re engaging a partner through this experience. My goal is to make it one of the most memorable times of your life. (And from what I hear, I achieve this goal regularly!)

Why don’t you have pricing listed on your site?

1…because a price ain’t nothin’ but a numba’ (you have no idea what you’re really getting for a quoted amount—is the shoot taking place in someone’s basement, a soul-less hotel room, resulting in a crappy photo book, a cookie-cutter shoot, the same “signature” 5 poses the photographer put the last 20 clients in?). When it comes to boudoir, there are SO many questions way more important than How much? which is so often the only question I’m asked.

2…because, let’s be honest, it leads to comparison shopping. Let’s take this out of context for a hot sec. Like singing. Let’s pretend your friend is a hit at your local karaoke bar. Does it necessarily mean she’s the perfect choice for your wedding entertainment just cause she’ll do it for 200 bucks? Uh. Maybe not. Similarly, photographers are NOT an apples to apples comparison. Just ask your other friend who might have regretted her wedding photographer choice...


3…because boudoir is sooooo personal. It has to be a fit personality-wise between us. Plus, everything I do is customized so we have to chat. If someone doesn’t want to take the time to chat, then I’ve learned they weren’t my ideal client anyway.

Here’s the deal: there is SUCH a wide range in what women a) want b) can afford to invest in their shoots and c) VALUE. I try hard to offer something for everyone truly interested in professional-level photography. Shoots are customized because the reasons WHY someone might be pursuing boudoir varies SO very much! Some women pursue boudoir for the experience and personal challenge. Others wanna create a timeless keepsake with a deeper meaning. Others are just looking for a fun little gift for their partners.

What women VALUE and want to get out of this experience is the most important factor here—I’ve had young brides and single hard-working moms willing to invest in this because this experience MEANS something deep and profound for them (e.g. a transformation in how they see themselves; overcoming body image issues; getting reacquainted with their new bodies after significant weight loss; etc.). These women end up cherishing the experience as well as the images for YEARS to come. I know this because I still get calls from women I’ve shot 8, 9, 10 years ago where they tell me so. These are the women who resonate with and embody the fulfillment of my mission as a boudoir photographer.

All that being said, my lovely, I am a PROFESSIONAL photographer. I didn’t just pick up the camera yesterday. I work from an ideal studio space. I run a legitimate business—one I’ve invested many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars into. I do my best to offer different types of shoots to accommodate different interests and budgets. Shorter shoots and special mini events are a great way to participate in professional photography for under 1000. But the fine art products I choose to work with cost more.

How many times in your life do you think you’ll actually invest in a boudoir experience? I’m guessing not many. Why not make this experience special. Make it count. My suggestion: invest wisely, but prioritize quality. When you’re ready, reach out to me and let’s create a custom plan for you.